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    Customize Title Page

      Is there a way to customize the Default Title page in Printed Documentation. So far, my workaround would be to create a new topic and systematically insert it, but Robohelp offers a <Defaut Title Page>, which could be nice to use...
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Julien

          How exactly are you wanting to customize?

          Cheers... Rick
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            Julien_Marchand Level 1
            I'd like to put more than just the document title with a thick black line underneath. I would want to style it in order to match the rest of the visual of the documentation (background, color, date modified, version number, etc.)
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              MergeThis Level 4
              After completely formatting your Printed Doc output:

              1. Save a copy and rename it something like MyFrontMatter.doc.
              2. Strip all content after the TOC.
              3. When you generate the next version, generate to something like MyWorkingDoc.doc.
              4. Make any formatting tweaks to MyWorkingDoc.doc (page breaks, table widths, etc.).
              5. Select All and Copy MyWorkingDoc.doc and Paste it into MyFrontMatter.doc after the TOC.
              6. Save as MyPrintedDoc.doc.
              7. Update the front page (date, version number, etc.) and the TOC.

              This method, while seemingly convoluted, eliminates the need to work with Word templates, which is akin to circling endlessly around three or four outer circles of Hades.

              Good luck,
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                Julien_Marchand Level 1
                Errr... I think I'll just stick to my method of creating a new topic and updating its custom fields before the generation of the document...