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    Popup call changes ToC highlight.

    NL_Derek-GsBV5a Level 1

      Using RH8 HTML under XP to generate CHM. No source control, no network drives.


      In a project I have the settings:




      These settings mean that the user can always see his position highlighted in the ToC.


      The ToC contains several books, each containing several topics; some topics are included in several books. Various topics call other topics as popups. The popup topics are not in any ToC.


      When the user displays one of the popups, the ToC resynchronises (in my test project) to the _next_ ToC entry; thus from BookA Topic 1 to BookB Topic 1, from BookB to BookC. BookC behaves properly (but this would probably change if I created BookD). Regular links, browse sequences and the Back button are also `unstable' with respect to ToC synchronisation.


      I'm no guru but I could see nothing special in the HTM, HHP and HHC files.


      My test project is 810kB zipped and contains no sensitive information.


      Has anyone advice or tips?


      --- Derek