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    Problems with size of TitleWindow - flex 3.4

    CannotCompute Level 1

      I need help figuring out how the internal TitleWindow dimensions are configured.  Below is what I understand so far so correct me if I am wrong.


      According to defaults:


      Width: 10 pxl for left and 10 pxl for right border, 4 pxls for left padding and 4 for right padding  =  which totals 28. 


      Height: 2 pxl for top border, 0 for bottom (even though is shows a bottom border??), 4 pxl for top padding, 4 pxl for bottom padding, then the header height which is nasty because if I change the font size the header height doesnt seem to scale up by the font size so I am not sure what it is using, but the default value is 28 = which totals 38 which doesn't seem correct because if I put something inside of there that has the height of the titlewindow.height - 38 the vertical scrollbar appears.....


      Any thoughts?