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    CS2 Error Could not complete your Request because there is not enough memory (RAM)"


      Using, WinXP SP3, P4, 80G HD, 2G RAM


      I had a student try to place, open and copy a .jpg file into Illustrator and none of the ways worked.

      1) Opened Illustrator selected FILE, PLACE and then directed to get photo. It shows an empty box.

      2) Starting from the .jpg file, right click OPEN WITH Illustrator, error message says insufficient RAM to complete this operation.

      3) Started with .jpg, right click COPY then opened Illustrator, started a new blank document and then PASTE.

      None of the above worked.

      I need for the students to be able to use scanned images and photos as templates for recreation and digitizing in Illustrator. All of the images and scans are low res so it is not a matter of the file being too large


      Ilustrator will open but can do much in it.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled, clean registry, installed all MS updates.  Logged into the network as myself, (ADMIN Domain) I do not see the error.  Logged in as a student the error appears (STUDENT domain)  Had networking check permissions,etc.


      Strangely, this worked last year.  Computers are frozen using Deepfreeze.


      Please help.  I posted earlier on Photoshop as well.