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    Zoom or Magnify function

    brooksrv Level 2

      I am trying to create a zoom or magnify tool. I have an image on the stage as a graphic, and also one that has been converted to a movie clip (mc_02) directly above the graphic. I also have a mask (mc_01) that functions as the magnifying glass for mc_02.


      To see the outer edges of the mc_02, the mask has to be moved well off  the original graphic. I think I need to somehow constrain what is displayed, but don’t know how. I need to keep the mask over the original image, yet display all of the magnified image. I have to keep the code in AS2.



      mc_02.onMouseDown = function() {
          setProperty("mc_02", _xscale, 200);
          setProperty("mc_02", _yscale, 200);


      mc_02.onMouseUp = function() {