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    How do YOU track the health of your RH project?

    James K. Patrick

      Morning all,


      I think I've recovered from my corrupt .fpj files from the recent time change. Thanks to Peter Grainge for bulldogging it for us. But it got me thinking about how I monitor (or don't) the health of my RH project. Just trying to be proactive here so that my first indication of something wrong isn't a heart-pounding "Oh %$#@^&*!, all my topics are gone!".


      RH provides a ton of reports which are more or less useful depending on the features you've implemented in your project. And generating/publishing gives a total # of files that I like to watch.


      But I'd like to hear from some RH veterans. Aside from exercising good backup management, what do you look at to gauge the health of your project?

      Do you simply check the Broken Links report each morning as a sanity check?

      Do you check the actual files in Windows Explorer?

      Do you generate the project and test the end results?


      Thanks for sharing.