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    Next and Previous Button


      Hi everyone, slight problem that I am sure is easy to correct but I am driving myself nuts. I am creating a slideshow, and have created Next and Previous buttons. I cannot seem to get them to advance from one slide to the next. When I create the transition from, say state 3 to state 4, it is changing ALL of the buttons instead of the one on the state I am working on. How do I fix this? Thanks!

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          Tvoliter Adobe Employee

          By default, when you add or edit an interaction for a button, the interaction occurs for the button in all states. To make an interaction particular to one state do this:


          1. Select the button (or object that has the interaction

          2. Double the interaction in the Interactions panel. It's probably a "On click... play transition to state" interaction

          3. In the dialog that appears change the "When in any state" popup to the particular state you want the interaction to occur.


          So if you had a slide show with 4 states you interactions for the "next" button would look like this



          On click, play transition to Pag2 when in Page1

          On click, play transition to Pag3 when in Page2

          On click, play transition to Pag4 when in Page3


          I hope in the future we can offer a "go to next state" interaction to make this simpler



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            SweetwaterDesign Level 1

            Thanks! This was a big help. And I appreciate you all considering adding that feature in future updates.