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    multi page best practices




      I am working on a form that navigates through several pages of gathering info. I am just wondering what the best practices are when dealing with multiple pages. Such as navigating the application, next page, previous page, etc etc. Would using states be a feasible possibility? What would be some other suggestions? TIA

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          Ratsnackbar Level 2

          Use a ViewStack and move back and fourth between children in the ViewStacks children array based on back/next buttons.


          Alternatley use a tab navigator.


          An accordian.


          Horizontal list with slidding effects.


          Even a rotating carousel.

          There are any number of ways to do this and many many examples on the web.  Find one that you like and go with it! 


          As for best practices it is generally a good idea to focus on maintainability and extensibility when desinging the interface.  You want to be able to reuse it easily and to be able to quickly and easily make changes to the content (Forms).  I know that is vague but that's the best advice I can give on short notice without writing a chapter on it.