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        maeric wrote:


        Is GoLive a worthy application?


        maeric wrote:


        How many of you still rely on it?

        I do. Daily.

        maeric wrote:


        Would you want it to have a future if at all possible?

        Of course. But then there is that little thing called reality. Adobe only has the resources to develop one web design application. Expect the future to include GoLive features incorporated into DW/FW. The best way to encourage that future is here.

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          pachi1 Level 1

          I still use Golive to manage my sites. The Golive little bug makes all the difference to me. I can visually see if I have any broken links. That is something I have not been able to live without.


          Another feature I can't live without is the fact that you can go inside folders. Dreamweaver opens them in a hierarchy mode displaying everything at once. Golive allowed you to double click a folder and go inside that folder. When you have a large site that has a lot of smaller sites within it, with many index.html files it makes it much simpler to manage. I want to make sure that I don't overide the wrong document. I know that I could use the put and get buttons, but I like to do things manually. I trust it much more.


          I also liked having the separate folders to organize everything in and having a site trash. If I ever threw out a wrong file, it was still there and I could retreive it.


          I don't know if they have done these things to Dreamweaver CS5. I haven't seen it yet. I am going to donwload the trial to see what it is like.

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            It doesn't make any sense what you say Marian. There is no way to keep using GoLive because CS2 doesn't work with Windows 7. Normally, this is the kind of thing that Adobe should fix but doesn't because they want to make you upgrade instead. But in this case, the won't fix it AND they won't offer an upgrade. It's just dead.


            I don't see how wanting to be able to continue using a program that is only a couple of years old makes me a troll.

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              It doesn't make any sense to think that you must upgrade to Windows 7 (I cannot confirm or deny that CS2 works in Windows 7).  No one is holding a gun to your head to upgrade Windows. If you are so dependent on GoLive, you can hang on to your old computer to keep it running. XP is not dead.

              Even CS5 is  compatible with XP.


              I use CS2 in XP,  Vista, and Tiger. Sometimes I run XP as a virtual machine in Linux. Someone else here claimed that they run CS2 directly in Linux via Wine. Some versions of Windows 7 include a XP VM built-in! If you don't have the higher-end versions of Windows 7, you can use a free VM like VMWare Player or VirtualBox to keep running XP forever.


              I never suggested you were a troll. You are consistently confused in the two posts you've made here but you are certainly no troll.

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                lagow Level 1

                sleekit wrote:


                Not appreciated? - more like water in a desert! Like you, I've been deeply saddened by the soulless and arrogant, albeit educated, drivel that daily manifests in this thread and concerned for the well-being of those that proselytize it.


                Troll, go away until you have something useful to contribute.

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                  ~Zip Level 1

                  GoLive does NOT work with Windows 7. In fact CS2 does not work with Windows 7, and neither does any of my software programs. It's an absolute nightmare. I bought a great new computer with Windows 7 home pro pre-installed, then quickly upgraded to the pro edition so I could run it in XP Mode. Windows 7 would not accept the Adobe software, and then ADOBE would not recognize my registrations numbers and product ID numbers when it was running on the 7 platform. There is a special folder you have to make to install it, and since I am not "geeky" I called in an expert for help.


                  He has been here three times and spent three days trying to get my CS2 and Macromedia Studio 8 working. Finally, he got it running in XP mode....EXCEPT running Windows 7 in XP mode only allows for 512mb or Ram, even though my computer has 6 gig avaialble. So running two programs (or more) on 7 causes freeze-ups and let me tell you, unless you are super-geek and have the Geek-God's approval, don't upgrade to Windows 7 if you plan to use any Adobe products. I've read that people are having the same problems with CS4, but I don't know about CS5.


                  In fact, I tried to load some other programs, a CD burning one I prefer to use, and Windows 7 refused it. It had refused ALL of my current programs I have tried to load, so other than surfing the net, it's been useless for me so far.


                  I may purchase a copy of XP and dump 7, the only reason I haven't so far is because I know the technology is moving forward, but it won't do me any good if I can't update my client's websites from my computer because someone "up there" decided to play incompatible.

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                    Yes, you're right, I will.


                    Strange though, isn't it? - I was just thinking the same thing about you...

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                      ~Zip wrote:


                      ...only allows for 512mb or Ram.

                      That's a VM setting that can be changed. You may look to another expert for help.


                      And if Windows 7's own VM for XP is not working the way you like, you can use the free VMWare Player or VirtualBox to run XP.

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                        pachi1 Level 1

                        That's one thing about Macs, I am still running CS2 along with CS4 in my new iMac with Snow Leopard without a hitch.In fact, I find that Golive runs better on Snow Leopard than it ever did before. It is much more stable.  Heck! I am  still using fonts I bought in 1990. It always amazes me.

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                          RSheasley Level 1

                          I have been following this thread since I commented that I still use GoLive and wish there would be some way to have Adobe quit pushing the Dreamweaver and other products as superior.


                          First request is for this to stay on topic and quit the name calling- trolls or whatever.


                          Second item is the discussion that GoLive does and will not run on a Windows 7 computer- this is just plain wrong. I have a newer Windows 7 laptop that I have successfully installed the GoLive CS2 (8.01 version after checking online for updates) and it is running the same as it does on a Windows XP computer. There are only 2 issues that I have run into- first is the Adobe request each time the software started up after first being installed asking to register the software. I posted a thread on this in these forums  and even called Adobe Technical Support to see if they had ideas on getting this to stop. I reading though a number of other discussions on various Adobe Software (not just GoLive) this is a Windows 7 UAC - User Access Control issue. If you run the software as administrator then it will save the registration info and quit asking each and every time the software is launched. I am happy that there are these forums for open discussion, so that issues like this can be shared among the community when Adobe Tech Support will not even answer what turned out to be a simple question like the registration suppression issue.


                          The second issue on the GoLive CS2 is with the Windows 7 display and Aero support. Since GoLive was long before the Vista and the first OS with support for Areo it will launch the software and Windows reports it is in Basic color scheme video mode. This runs in this mode until the GoLive Software is closed and then returns to the more advanced Aero Display Mode. I am not running the software in Windows XP compatibility mode, using any sort of Windows XP virtual machine (though The Windows 7 Pro and Ultimate both allow this under their licensing), just installed the original CD, activatated the software and started using it the same way I was under older Win XP computer systems. For those that are struggling on their own in trying to get Windows 7 computers to launch and run GoLive there should be a way for it to work and more details on what issues or errors you are encountering maybe could be posted in a new thread for sharing of GoLive under Windows 7. I however do not use each and every advanced feature of GoLive either.


                          Unfortunately as for the issue of Adobe starting up development (or even continuing to offer any tech support) of the GoLive software- probably will not happen. Only way their would be any new versions is if the code is put out in the Open Source Developers hands and offered up as some software that other software developers that have abandoned to the various packages and been generious enough to allow the software to be moved to the Open Source Community model. With Adobe they may though in fact think that this will in fact dip into their sales of Dreamweaver (I do not think it would as there are many other free open source html and website design packages out there now competing with the likes of Dreamweaver.)

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                            I desperately and urgently need help, and the desperation and urgency shows that I am most definitely FOR the revival of Adobe GoLive.


                            Unlike almost everybody else here, I am quite ignorant in website development.  I don't know Dreamweaver and, frankly, have poor knowledge of GoLive.  Somebody created a website for me many years ago that I've managed (or rather did not manage preferring to do nothing) using an old version (10 years old and doesn't work even on XP)  of GoLive.  I then updated the operatign system and asked another person to buy and install the latst version of GoLive on my new computer.  (The old computer died.)  The person said he did it, and in fact he did install Adobe GoLive 9 on my Vista computer.  I used it a couple of times.  Now when I've tried to use it again, it turned out that the person did not complete the registration process and it worked in the beginning only because it always works free for 30 days.  I need to activate the software, but this requires a serial number.  I don't have it, and the person who did it for me is out of the country for several months.  (I believe he did buy the software, and I remember reimbursing him. He is an honest guy.)  Without the number, I am unable to activate and use the software.


                            I would buy another copy just to solve this problem, but it does not seem to be possible.  Adobe wouldn't sell me GoLive; they tell me to buy Dreamweaver which I don't know how to use and can't learn.  I tried Ebay that often sells cheap old software, but they don't have Adobe GoLive 9 and only seem to have versions 5 and earlier.


                            Can somebody help me?  I would greatly appreciate it.  GoLive 9 would be great, but if another version works on Vista (or even XP), that would be a solution too.  (There may or may not be a problem because I've worked on the website using version 9.)  I have version 9 already installed; only the serial number needed for activation is missing.


                            Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


                            asjgk  at yahoo dot com

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                              Newbe11, you should take this topic to a new discussion topic of its own. It will likely be lost here in this lengthy discussion of a totally different topic.

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                                cmackey Level 1

                                That's one thing about Macs, I am still running CS2 along with CS4 in my new iMac with Snow Leopard without a hitch.In fact, I find that Golive runs better on Snow Leopard than it ever did before. It is much more stable.  Heck! I am  still using fonts I bought in 1990. It always amazes me.

                                How did you get CS2 to run on Snow Leopard? I just bought a new system, which came with Snow Leopard (was on Leopard previously), and the only CS2 app that worked was Acrobat 7. I have CS4, and will probably buy CS5 soon, but would love my Go Live sites to still be editable with Go Live!

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                                  pachi1 Level 1

                                  If you only need Golive, just do a regular install and it will show you that GL is the only application in the bundle that it will let you install. Otherwise, if you want all the applications in CS3 (I still use Imageready. It was simple.) you will have to de-install CS4, Install CS3, then re-install CS4. Hope this helps.

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                                    cmackey Level 1

                                    I have CS3, but my version didn't come with GoLive, or ImageReady, if I recall correctly. I had been using CS2 for those 2 apps, then CS4 for everything else. I have the Design Premium versions, if that makes a difference.

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                                      LRK 2 Level 2

                                      Thankfully, GoLive CS2 still runs on Snow Leopard. I just had my MBP replaced by Apple and had to call up to reactivate GoLive CS2 since it was installed on the previous MBP and my older G5. Thanks to the powers that be, GoLive CS2 still works!!!


                                      Based on what I've heard, it's best to use GoLive CS2 (vs.8) rather than the newer GoLive 9 that came out. GoLive 9 was a step down and not as good as version 8.

                                      • 166. Re: Revive GoLive - Interested Parties Only
                                        Ouzones Level 1

                                        Yes! Revive it!


                                        Unfortunately Dreamweaver CS5 still has a poor user interface which has always been the problem with it.


                                        Golive (I use version 9) has many benefits for my purposes. Here is just a few of them.


                                        1. Easy CSS editing

                                        I don't like to edit my CSS files and definitions in source code if not absolutely necessary. It's SO MUCH easier to use the Golive user interface to edit them. For example pick a color from a color picker!


                                        2. Excellent site management

                                        Seeing both local and server files at the same time.

                                        Automatic updates to links and CSS-files site-wide, when you move or rename a linked file.


                                        3. Code Completition for multiple languages

                                        I mostly use HTML/CSS/PHP and Golive offers completiton for my code immediately. In DW CS5 there is finally code completition for PHP, but you need to press ctrl-space to activate it - and that's just one example of DW's poor UI.


                                        4. Save for web

                                        Copy & Paste and image from Photoshop (or anywhere else) to Golive and you get what you expect - A regular Save for Web dialog.


                                        5. Overall inconvenience of Dreamweaver

                                        Golive might crash occasionally but it takes only half a minute to recover from that. With Dreamweaver the work process is repeatedly disrupted because you need to look for suitable features and/or try to Google solutions to whatever simple task you're doing.


                                        Golive just has it. Easy and intuitive UI for beginners and advanced users - and the features to support it!



                                        I know reviving Golive to compete with DW might be a bit too much to ask, but I would really like to see that.

                                        At least some support and small updates to keep Golive compatible with the future releases of operating systems and Adobe CS products - until we find something else to save us from the Hellweaver.

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                                          roliver1969 Level 1

                                          I'd love to see GoLive revived. There's not a snowball's chance in heck of that happening, but it would be great to see an updated, modern version. As much as I loved the interface and workflow of GL CS2, it was behind the times in numerous ways, and tended to crash on exit about 90% of the time.


                                          I just made the switch to Dreamweaver CS5 and am continually shocked at the things Dreamweaver apparently doesn't do...or do very well. It amazes me that this was the program that "won" the visual web editor battle.


                                          One great feature of GL is uploading modified files. In Dreamweaver the process seems to require clicking through more dialog boxes, and most importantly, it rarely ever figures out which files are new and need to be uploaded. Such a simple, basic feature that doesn't work that well in Dreamweaver.


                                          I won't hijack the thread with a long list of GoLive features that are MIA in Dreamweaver, but there are many, many, many reasons why people would love to see GoLive rise from the dead.

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                                            kolstef12 Level 1

                                            I was just laid off from UC Davis.  I have been a web designer for them for the last 6 years.  This is the usual process as I am hired by departments to come in to redesign their websites.  I have upset a few of the IT folks for sure, however, at one point I had a waiting list and it was ALL DUE TO GOLIVE an it's ability to allow a graphic artist to create.  I am hired to develop these sites, even though they are aware that GoLive is unavailable and their IT folks have to update and maintain the site in DW  That said, I WILL ALWAYS BE IN SUPPORT OF REVIVING GOLIVE.  Thanks for starting this post.


                                            Also,  is anyone aware of a place that I could purchase a copy of GoLive 8 and 9?


                                            Thank you !!!

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                                              LRK 2 Level 2

                                              I appreciate all of you who have posted and continue to post in support of Reviving GoLive. Even if nothing can be done it's nice to hear from those of like mind who actually "get it". I am limited with my own time and ability to pursue any options on my own, but keep hoping that someone who can make a difference, and feels it is worth the effort (hopefully with Adobe), might be able and willing to take steps to redeem the program or at least incorporate it's powerful time saving features into DW or a future app.



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                                                LRK 2 Level 2

                                                "Also, is anyone aware of a place that I could purchase a copy of GoLive 8 and 9?"


                                                I'm not aware, but I would search eBay and Amazon.com on a regular basis to see if someone is selling their copy.

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                                                  camelbreath Level 1

                                                  Yep, I'd love it

                                                  • 172. Re: Revive GoLive - Interested Parties Only

                                                    OMG....GL was sooooo cool (DW is cool but not as clever in its UI as GL)



                                                    Bring it back! Or a least make GL layouts in DW

                                                    • 173. Yes Revive GoLive...

                                                      Why not make it Dreamweaver Elements and reprice it as $99.00 I'm sure people would love it then.  Keep all the great features though.

                                                      • 174. Re: Yes Revive GoLive...
                                                        LRK 2 Level 2


                                                        • 175. Re: Revive GoLive - Interested Parties Only



                                                          I have used GoLive since I was a student. Back then there was DW and GL. What was interesting to me back then was that the school didn't push either programs, they pushed HTML. I guess this is the crux of my message.


                                                          Yes, I really enjoyed GL but it's no longer going to be supported.  Finally switching to DWCS5, I can't say I love the program but I don't hate it. What I did realize from this thread (other than the personal insults) is that DW, now the "baby" of Adobe, is also available to be chopped off as long as Adobe can buy a contender so it can replace DW. If this is the business sense and model, for whatever reason, I go back to my frist sentence, that it serves me better to learn HTML -- and not worry about creating a site in GL, then in DW do this or that...


                                                          I think this is what I gleened while reading this thread. If the model is broken, then why support it at all? I know from reading this thread, Marian Driscoll, tried to "hammer" sense into everyone here by casting GL users (and then she included herself as one of them) as silly for living this dream and that we should move on to other products. Marian, by your own admission and observation, products get replaced. Even HTML got replaced with XHTML is now back with HTML5.


                                                          This volatile nature shows that "web" industry is still far from stable, as even HTML5 is not slated for completion. We as consumers of these editors must decide to either code by hand or code by wysiwyg and if wysiwyg we go, we should support  it.


                                                          Would I like to see GL come back? Sure, as others stated, I put my time and effort into learning it so it is beneficial to me to have it come back. Is it better not to rely on programs that come from owners who ultimately sell it and not support it if something better comes along? Now that, I have to think about (maybe not).

                                                          • 176. Re: Revive GoLive - Interested Parties Only

                                                            Pray that Adobe either goes back to GoLive

                                                            or merges it's features w/ Dreamweaver.


                                                            GoLive CS works for me. Is CS2 any better?

                                                            • 178. Re: Revive GoLive - Interested Parties Only
                                                              RSheasley Level 1

                                                              trinitydigital2 wrote:


                                                              Pray that Adobe either goes back to GoLive

                                                              or merges it's features w/ Dreamweaver.


                                                              GoLive CS works for me. Is CS2 any better?

                                                              Keep on praying, but I think Adobe has moved on with Dreamweaver and will not be incorporating any bits of the GoLive product.


                                                              As for the differences between CS and CS2. I managed to pick up a copy of CS2 and have been using it. Main enhancement is the better support for CSS styles and templates. CS was very limited in the CSS area, CS2 is better if you are a heavy CSS template or style creator. Many other tools out there will handle CSS stuff also.

                                                              • 179. Re: Revive GoLive - Interested Parties Only
                                                                kolstef12 Level 1

                                                                Hi there,


                                                                Does CS2 have GoLive?  Can you tell me where you found it.  I need another copy of GoLive.  Thank you, Rosanne

                                                                • 180. Re: Revive GoLive - Interested Parties Only
                                                                  RSheasley Level 1

                                                                  kolstef12 wrote:


                                                                  Hi there,


                                                                  Does CS2 have GoLive?  Can you tell me where you found it.  I need another copy of GoLive.  Thank you, Rosanne

                                                                  The GoLive I picked up was off EBay. You can look for the Upgrade (which requires previous version to install) or the full product. It is no longer available from any Adobe source. GoLive was part of suite bundles at one time- CS2 Premium contained it but I never purchase the Premium suite of Photoshop, Illustrator etc. just the application I need. GoLive CS2 was the last boxed retail version that Adobe sold of GoLive. They had a GoLive 9.0 which may or may not have had the CS3 designation to it as was only available through Open Licensing and never sold in a retail box. Premium CS3 suite moved to Dreamweaver as the html web design package in the suite.


                                                                  GoLive 6 was the last with the number in the title. Then they had CS- which was 7.0x version, CS2 which was 8.0 and then either 9.0 or CS3- I suspect it was version the last license version.


                                                                  Be careful with purchasing GoLive CS2 0 it uses the activation and tracking how many PC's it is installed on and if you purchase used then you may run into issues getting it licensed if it had been on the seller's PC and not uninstalled and deactivated. Some of the auctions will mention new un-opened or nver installed, etc.





                                                                  There are plenty of web sites with info and tutorials on GoLive including some that discuss moving from GoLive to Dreamweaver CS3 (which any GoLive owner can get Dreamweaver for the upgrade pricing offered by Adobe.



                                                                  • 181. Re: Revive GoLive - Interested Parties Only

                                                                    I agree... I have used Dreamweaver (very briefly) and also agree that in some ways it may be better. But GoLive does everything I have ever asked of it and does it well. I'd be happy to continue upgrading for it as a stand-alone. My site does not require more than I can get out of GoLive and I am too busy to want to start over with a new programme.

                                                                    • 182. Re: Revive GoLive - Interested Parties Only

                                                                      I've been creating websites since the days before most people knew what the internet was. This is PRE-wysiwyg apps, when html was produced using simple text editors. Point being, I've been familiar with, and have used, most of the (Mac-based) web development apps out there. The one I was always the most comfortable with was GoLive, which I first purchased when it was still a Cyberstudio product.


                                                                      When DW hit the streets, I bought it too, but always went back to GL. And now I am suffering through DW CS5. For all the years and experience I have with these applications, I find myself constantly hitting the Adobe "help" button when working with DW. GL (to me) was just a more logical, simpler, cleaner program. Ah well...


                                                                      As for a DW/GL hybrid? I don't see it happening and would probably be afraid of it if it did.  Guess I miss the good ol' days when you could produce a web page without searching through countless toolbars, buttons and help files. I still have my CS2 GoLive which I lovingly refer to now and then when I want to make a simple change and can do so without the wasted time and frustration the DW tends to inflict on me.

                                                                      • 183. Re: Revive GoLive - Interested Parties Only

                                                                        I got this forum kind of late but I want let you know that I still using Golive CS for my personal site.  I like better few things than Dreamweaver. I thought that I needed to learn more about dreamwever when I started, but then I realize that Golive makes my live much more easier that Dreamweaver to get the same result in terms of control and website management. So people “keep Golive Alive”.

                                                                        • 186. Re: Revive GoLive - Interested Parties Only
                                                                          LRK 2 Level 2

                                                                          It's nice to see more responses. And I'm grateful I still have my old copy of GoLive CS2, and that it still works with Snow Leopard on the Mac. But we all know that no matter what a great tool GL was for managing and building websites, it has met it's demise.


                                                                          I have slowly begun rebuilding my client sites in Dreamweaver. I find that it definitely is more time consuming to accomplish the same tasks in DW as in GL, but it is what it is. It takes a different mindset to work in DW. I am learning to adapt to that mindset. The main thing today is that we learn to build sites that are compliant with current web standards.

                                                                          • 187. Re: Revive GoLive - Interested Parties Only

                                                                            My vote would be a big YES, I would really like to see Adobe Revive GoLive. I tryed DreamWeaver when it first came out, and that was only because I "had" to at that time. After I was done shuffling stuff around, I rebuilt the sites in GoLive, and until the last couple days I have had no problem with GoLive.

                                                                            I don't want to use DreamWeaver, or any other program out on the shevles for editing my sites. I want to use GoLive.

                                                                            Yes I know most likely this is a waste of time stating my little opion. (But you never know, I can keep wishing)


                                                                            Thanks for starting this thread, if anything, I get to see I'm not alone in wanting to see GoLive brought back to Life.

                                                                            • 188. Re: Revive GoLive - Interested Parties Only
                                                                              Nini Tjader Level 4

                                                                              That will never happen as Adobe has DreamWeaver nowadays.

                                                                              • 189. Re: Revive GoLive - Interested Parties Only

                                                                                YES to a resurrected GoLive.


                                                                                NO to Marian Driscoll (who apparently needs to see her name in someone else’s thread a bazillion times....sheeeeeeeeesh).


                                                                                Thanks to the OP for starting this thread. Rarely is something worthwhile accomplished without first beginning in engaged, enthusiastic conversation. Kudos to Linda for giving it a shot (regardless of which way this plays out). Can’t hurt, right?

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