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    Form Variables


      I am doing a simple form "POST" and I need to include some hidden field information.

      My problem is that my hidden field identifiers are formatted like this: 00N3000001NzMD.


      So when I declare the variable I get a syntax error.

      var 00N3000001NzMD = "eMarketing"


      I'm assuming this is because you are not supposed to have a variable that starts with a numeral?


      The logical (to me) work around would be to do this:


      var hiddenField = "00N3000001NzM"


      function formSubmit(){

            _root.hiddenField = "eMarketing";

           _root.loadVariables("my serverside script", "POST");



      All my fields are posting except for the four that I have that are similar to this example. Is my work around the correct way to handle this and I move on in my troubleshooting, or is there a better/correct way to execute this POST?