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    Question:  Using Adobe Premiere CS3 and a Sony GV-HD700

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      My name is Gerry and I am new to the forum.  My problem is as follows:  I have my Sony player connected via USB2 to my workstation.  I am using widows xp sp3 and the device is properly recognized.  When I choose capture in Premiere I recieve a message stating that the device is off-line.  I power it on and off, but I am not able to see footage in the capture window.  My settings are as follows:


      Capture settings = Capture Format : HDV

      DV/HDV Device Control

      Video Standard: NTSC

      Device Brand: Sony

      Device Type: GV-D300  * I do not see my device type listed in the drop down list

      Timecode Format: Auto Detect

      Check Status: Offline


      The only options I have tried changing is the Device type, also changing the device control from Serial device control to DV/HDV Device Control.


      Any direction in this matter will be appreciated.