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    Flash Builder 4 Beta 2 Error

    t3hm4d0n3 Level 1

      I do not have any extra SWC files added to my project this is just a flex 4 air application.

      I did run update and it updated Eclipse but i dont see how that could have anything to do with a

      mapping. the frustrating thing is that there is no motionpath in spark.effects, only in spark.effects.animation, which makes

      no sense whatsoever.


      here is the error i am getting:


      Description    Resource    Path    Location    Type
      component MotionPath is defined more than once in this namespace.  Remove the mapping to spark.effects:MotionPath or spark.effects.animation:MotionPath    AirConnect        Unknown    Flex Problem


      I was also trying out some skins on scale9, the thing is i removed those skins completely from the directory of the app

      and anywhere on the system after that didnt work and so even if it was a conflict with old skin swf's why would the

      problem persist after getting rid of the files?


      why did adobe have to move any of the core libs out of mx anyways? getting old apps to work is not even possible

      using f4 sdk so far i have had to rewrite all of my apps, i do rewrite them because the f4 has many features i am now using

      and it Rocks, but why not make it as backwards compatible as possible esp if it means in most cases just keeping the

      libs in the same structure and adding new ones to a seperate structure?