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    new URLRequest("helpme.mp3");

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      I cannot seem to get my SWF that contains all the actionScript to call upon the corresponding MP3. It works fine on my local drive, but when I place it into the appropriate web folder, it doesn't want to work. (it only works if I've got the two folders floating around outside of a specific folder, which I do not like as I want to keep everything tidy and organized - I shall soon have many mp3s and swfs for tracks so this is the reason why.)


      new URLRequest("Snow.mp3");


      Let me explain: 'Snow.mp3' and my 'snow.swf' have been placed into a folder within a site folder called: sound. Because this creates a path-like situation, how am I supposed to modify the SWF actionScript so it will call correctly? And, am I supposed to modify the HTML on the webpage also? I have tried absolute links within the actions and within the HTML; I cannot get it to work online.


      Please advise, thanks!