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    CS4 Motion Editor never available

    Mr News Level 1

      I recently migrated from CS3 to CS4, and have a question about the "Motion Editor".  In principle it sounds fantastic, but I can never get it to work on any of my fla files.  The tab is there, but when I select a tween span in any of my files, the Motion Editor continues to say "to edit properties, select a tween span in the timeline or a tweened object in the document."  Nothing I do can get the Motion Editor to show anything but this.


      Is this because the Motion Editor works only on tweens in new fla files created in CS4?  (My existing files were all created in CS3.)


      Very frustrating, as I would like to use this new feature.  I tried to get it to work in a new CS4 file, creating a tween and going to the Motion Editor tab, but... same thing- nada.

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          jendehaan Level 4

          Yes, the motion editor only works with new tweens created with CS4 (they need to be using the new object-based model, not classic tweens created with CS4). Basically it lets you edit individual properties of a single object, and it's impossible to do this to the older style that interpolates between two different instances.


          Right-click a shape or instance, choose Create Motion Tween and then you'll be able to see how the motion editor works.


          For additional info, here are some articles:




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            Mr News Level 1

            Thanks for the links and the useful info.

            I was never able to make this work exactly the way I wanted, or as you suggested.  To make a transparency cross-fade from one image to another (as part of a slide show), I had to do the following:

            1. Import the image (jpg) to the library, insert it on Frame 1 (keyframe)

            2. Change the image to a symbol.

            3. Insert a keyframe on Frame 60

            4. Insert a keyframe on Frame 50

            5. Create a classic tween between Frames 50-60) Motion tween not available

            6. Set alpha to 100% in Properties panel for Frame 50

            7. Set alpha to 0% in Properties panel for Frame 60

            8. Create a new layer, put image 2 on Frame 50 (keyframe) of new layer, convert to symbol

            9. Layer 2: keyframes at 50 & 60, create classic tween, set alpha to reverse of steps 6 & 7


            That gives me a nice cross-fade.  Oddly enough, I WAS able to get the Motion Editor to appear in my second attempt, which involved importing the images to the stage FIRST, and THEN converting them to symbols.  Not sure which tween I used, but it looks different (solid blue, no arrow) and the Motion Editor became available. 


            In general, the documentation on this is poor, even the "migration" articles are not totally clear.  Best way to figure this out was, unfortunately, just play with it for several hours....