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    GetBounds is undefined

    Bill Muirphy

      I have a bunch of old swf data but the registration points are all over the place.  I am trying to make a simple application that allows the swfs to rotate from the center of the image.  This works fine when I am loading the swfs locally or from the same domain but if I try to access them from another domain the getBounds object is undefined.


      var bounds:Object = _root._test._test2.getBounds(_root._test);
      for(var i in bounds){
        trace(i + bounds[i]);
      _root._test._test2._x -= bounds.xMin;
      _root._test._test2._x -= _root._test._test2._width/2

      _root._test._test2._y -= bounds.yMax;
      _root._test._test2._y += _root._test._test2._height/2;


      Any help would be great im really stumped