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    Simple Button Hit Zone not working


      I am somewhat new to Flash CS4 andt am having a problem making simple buttons in Flash CS4 on a Macintosh: I have made a few buttons with a graphic and can go into them and successfully create the Up, Over and Down stages of the graphic. Then when I create a new box for the hit state (which is larger than the graphic and I have deleted the graphic itself from the hit state) it doesn't want to appear correctly when I test the movie. When I test the movie, the hit state is correct everywhere around the graphic (to the bounds of my hit state box), but is not active where the graphic is. When I go under the Control menu, down to Enable Simple Buttons, the hit zone looks great right in my Flash file, but when I preview it or publish it and look it on different browsers (PC and Mac), I don't get my pointer right over the actual graphic, but get it everywhere around the graphic to the boundaries of my hit box. Why can't I get the actual graphic to be a hot spot in this situation? I have tried leaving the graphic in the hit timeline, and tried putting both the larger box and the graphic in the hit timeline, and still can't get them to respond correctly with the pointer in the browser window. Thank you....