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    wmv presets???




      I am using Adobe premiere 4.0

      I am trying to export a video using share button as a WMV. This is for downloading on my website. But i dont know which preset to use


      I.e cablemodem/dsl


      128k idsn

      dial up 56k modem

      HD 1080i 25

      HD 1080i 30

      HD 720p 25

      HD 720p 30


      I know they are talking about downloading but which do i use that will be compatible for most people? Or are they referring to playback??


      SO confused. Please help.



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Your main concern, if people are going to be viewing this on a web site, is to have a file small  enough that it will stream efficiently. The Cable Modem preset will give you the best balance of quality and file size.


          The larger files, like the HD settings, probably won't stream well over the internet. They're best for just giving to someone so that they can watch it on a disc.

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            ksdhfui Level 1

            Many thanks Steve. Spent 3 hours searching online and get the answer here in 5 mins!


            Think i love ya!