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    Issues with CS4 From the Start - Importing and Playback


      Good Afternoon,


      I've had Premiere Pro CS4 as part of Production Premium installed for a while, but just now getting around to using it.


      I'm running it on an Early 2008 Mac Pro with 10 Gigs of ram with OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.1.  When I import digital video from my Panasonic PV-GS500, the audio and video get out of sync from the very start.  The video and audio are out of sync not only in Premiere Pro but in any program that plays the imported video.  When I try to view the video in any of the preview windows in Premiere Pro, the video plays for about two seconds and stop even though the clip is sigficantly longer.


      I ran the Updater and updates Premiere Pro and anything that needed it to the latest version.  PP is at 4.1.0


      Just for grins, I imported the same DV tape using the same camera in iMovie and it worked without issue.  The audio and video are in sync and no issues with playback in iMovie or iDVD.


      I once used this same video camera on a PC running XP with Premiere Pro CS3 and it worked without issue.


      Any suggestions on what could cause these problems?