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    Cannot install PE8


      System is ECS RS400A, 3ghz P4, 2gb, 500gb/250gb/160gb drives, Nvidia 8400GS, XP Pro SP3. Runs PE2-3-4 like a rock.


      After unzipping the download file, and starting setup.exe, the installer window comes up, I select "english", then proceed, then the next box comes up with the moving bar and says "Preparing to install...", then the Windows Installer box comes up (from msiexec) detailing all the correct switches to be used with it.


      It seems to think a bad switch or argument was sent.


      Attempting to manuall msiexec /i install fails with a box saying "Install PE with setup.exe".


      I tried all the solutions found here in "Troubleshooting Installation Problems".  No difference.


      I saw and ran the KB which updates windows installer, but it made no difference either.


      So, I get the dialog box with the switches listed, then it exits and that's all, folks.


      Steve Grisetti kindly referred me to this forum.  I had this exact problem when I wanted to try out v7 but never did find a solution either.  My downloaded file installs just fine on my other XP boxes, just not on this one.  I recently even cleaned out every useless program that had been installed on the system, then performed a Windows XP Repair Install just to be certain things were "ok" to some degree, and the system is running extremely well right now, fast, solid, everything works great, except for this install issue.


      I sure would like to get 8 running here though, as this is my main machine and I'm not exactly in the mood to reload everything *again* from scratch just to accomplish this.



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Make sure yoou've got the latest Windows Updates. Go to Windows Update manually and click Custom to get even the non-critical updates. Also download the latest version of Quicktime.


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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            Also, run a program to clean your registry and clear your temp files. CCleaner and Advanced System Care will do this, and both are free. Then ensure you've given your C drive a good defragmenting.


            You're at the lower end of processor and RAM requirements to run this program, but you've certainly got enough power and hard drive space to at least install and open the program! You've got something goofy going on. It's just not obvious what!

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              Pizzafoundry Level 1



              Thanks for the suggestions.  I've been a programmer for over 25 years

              and have quite a bit of experience digging out of Windows stupidity...

              so yes, registry "cleaners" are all

              well and good, and I've run a few now and then but they solve problems

              very very infrequently, in fact.  And defragging is a good idea too, but

              again, a fragmented disk generally

              will not be the single source of a failure, certainly like this one.  No

              offense, but all of this really doesn't do much towards getting to the

              root of the problem... and I realize, you're

              taking your time and making your best effort to help folks like me, and

              for that I salute you... you have the patience of Job in answering twit

              problems like mine.


              My experience is that a problem like this generally is caused by some

              incredibly opaque set of conditions: Like you have version 3.014 of

              CoolEdit installed, and you also have

              version 2.894 of Dr. Image running in the background, and, oh, yeah, you

              have your system set to not use Messenger and you have the latest

              version of Skype running.  I guess I was just

              hoping that someone else would have noticed this problem and had

              discovered at least his particularly odd set of circumstances which

              could have led me to a solution.


              But cleaning, defraggring, updating, all of that, generally doesn't

              solve most problems, at least in my experience, unless you happen to run

              across that one critical update that makes or

              breaks your app.


              Just my 2 cents...  I'm just this far from biting the bullet and

              converting everything to 7.


              Thanks again,


              Evan Oulashin

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                -Subbi Adobe Employee

                Since you seem to have good knowledge of the OS, registry and stuff, try digging into the installer log file of Premiere Elements.
                If possible upload this for us to see as well.


                You can find 'Pre8.log" file at the temp folder. (type %temp% on the run to reach to this location)



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                  Pizzafoundry Level 1

                  That was my first thought; unfortunately, apparently things never get

                  that far, as there is no such log file present... so it never really

                  starts up.