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    FB4 beta 2 installation issues



      I am trying to install flashbuilder4_b2_win_100509.exe, and i keep getting 'Please select another location to extract the installer to' error. See the attached file. If i choose a different location is still get the same error dialog.


      I noticed that the installer temporarily extracts the files under C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Local Settings\Temp\<I1257369022>. This has two directories InstallerData and Windows. I tried selecting FB4_Standalone.exe under the Windows directory, but that didnt help much.


      I read there could be some issues with java updates, not sure how true that is, i have Java 6 undate 11 installed.


      Any suggestions what i can do here? I have un-installed my previous flash builder 3 and 4 beta 1 versions, cleaned up registry files etc.