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    Problem Importing .MTS File from Camera




      So I am in the midst of taking a film editting course and I have just started to begin using Adobe Premiere Pro. I am however currently having trouble importing my file to Premiere Pro CS4 directly from my camera.  I have downloaded the files directly to my computer and also tried uploading from their given after reading this in other forums. I cannot figure out the given preset because I am very new to this thus the preview and exporting functions of the video turn out terrible. I understand Premiere Pro is for high film editting experts, but as I am going through this course to learn more I would like the option of playing around with files to better understand.  If you could help me import it would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you for any help.


      Here are the specs from my camera:


      Specs for Panasonic Camera.pnghttp://gdgt.com/panasonic/hdc-sd200/specs/