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    SDK for creating PDFs, that can be emailed to end user?


      Apologies if this is in the wrong section

      I have been searching for a while but haven't found anything yet that I can see that covers my question, so please redirect me if this is a common/easy question!


      This is not a matter of the user clicking on some icon in their browser window to convert the on screen HTML to PDF


      I am not a developer, but may need to get one of my dev team involved in this discussion but thought I'd outline our situation


      I work for a software company and as part of our product range, we offer online ticketing. We use ASP.Net as the development tool so all pages are aspx, we use a SQL back end, we use a CMS to plug our web modules into.



      You want to go to the local zoo. Rather than lining up and buying a ticket, you wish to purchase an entry ticket online. You go to the zoo's website and notice a Purchase Tickets link, which is where my company steps in, as the builder of the business logic behind purchasing the ticket

      As part of the purchase process, you submit your name and email address, which is then stored in a SQL database.

      At the end of the purchase process, you receive an email with two PDF attachments, being:

      1. your ticket(s) and receipt, which shows details extracted from the SQL database. The tickets will include a barcode image (currently 1D, would stick with this for now)

      2. ideally you will have a separate PDF that contains Terms and Conditions of Entry to the zoo


      We have a solution that covers almost all of this, although currently we produce a single PDF that includes receipt, tickets and terms and conditions


      The PDF generation is currently handled within our web modules, so effectively the ticket is being generated by the Web Server. We are currently using a product from Winnovative to produce the PDF pages


      However the ticket generation is somewhat restrictive, and ideally we want to create much better looking tickets, that cater for formatting (font, color, etc) and ideally the ticket design could be changed by our clients (someone at the Zoo wants to add some static text, or an image, or move stuff around)


      The barcode generation seems to work well for us at the moment, though our current solution only supports 1D barcodes. I don't think Adobe is the answer for the barcode generation, but the PDF needs to display the barcode we generate


      I guess the first thing is, is there an Adobe product that sounds like it would suit our purposes? What would that product be?


      Thanks in advance