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    Import from Illustrator: Cannot Distribute to Layers

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      I have created a vector design in Illustrator on a single layer and have imported it into my Flash library using the import layers to Flash Layers option. Because I created the design on a single layer in Illustrator, the design imports as a single layer in Flash. My problem is that I cannot distribute any of the individual graphics to a new layer, even after converting them to movie clips. When I select "Distribute to Layers", a new layer is created for each of the selected graphics but the layers are empty.


      I have also tried cutting a graphic from the import layer and pasting it into a new layer but it always pastes back into the original import layer rather than the one I have selected.


      Is there any way around this or will I need to go back into Illustrator and create separate layers based on my needs in Flash?



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          Hmm, that does sound like incorrect behavior. I'm trying this with a simple illustrator CS4 document (few squares and some text), and Flash CS4. It imports to the single layer of course, but when I select everything and Distribute to Layers, it moves the elements as expected. I'm guessing there must be some other factors involved here.


          Are you able to share your file? Also the versions of Flash, Illustrator, operating system and so forth would help.

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            Thanks for your reply. It seems that my "issue" was due to grouping. The Illustrator file I had imported was comprised of a group of grouped drawing objects (something I should have mentioned in my first post). Once I selected the entire file and selected "Break Apart" from the right mouse-click contextual menu, I was able to distribute the sub-groups into the layers that I desired.