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    Any way to extract data from the "Organizer" database?


      I asked a similar question in the Lightroom forum but I'm asking it here as well. I'm thinking of either getting Lightroom or Elements but my only concern is being able to access to all of the meta-data that I tag my photos with in the "Organizer". Most likely I'll spend hours organizing my photos and I want to be able to access this data from outside the organizer for read-only purposes.


      I realize that from inside of orgainizer all of this is available to me but I want to be able to use other tools and apps (that I'll write myself when needed) to get access to my photo catalogs.


      Does Adobe have any sort of API or library that 3rd party apps can use to access the data in Organizer? I searched the Adobe web-site but didn't find anything. Ideally I could run a SQL query against the database to get what I want.