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    Premiere Elements 4.0 won't start, any help?


      Hi All,


      I'm running a fully updated windows xp media center edition os on my pc.


      I have premiere elements 4.0 installed. I haven't used it in about six months, but prior to that it was working flawlessly.


      I went to start the program today, and I get the purple circle splash screen to pop up, but then the process "adobe premeire elements.exe" just disappears, the splash screen dissapears, and nothing happens, it's just gone, with no error messages.


      I tried killing off as many other processes on my machine as possible, including my anti virus program eset nod 32 and the problem persists.


      I was hoping someone here could help me figure out what is causing this.





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          Kodebuster Level 3

          Six months in the life of a PC could equate to a few lifetimes when looking at how your machines health and well being may have been impacted.


          If it worked in the past, you'd like to think it is a simple process to figure out why it won't work today, well it's not.


          A simple first approach may be to load the install disk and at the prompt, run a Repair of PE.


          A second shot at redemption would be to completely uninstall PE, and then run a clean install.


          All this is assuming you have the latest and greatest updates, drivers, and Quicktime installed...

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