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    CS3/AS2 -Text Scroll Box Cannot Embed Font, Need To Link Font From Server??


      Hi all - ok here goes somethin

      So I bought a text scroller flash file and am now trying to tailor it to my needs.

      This is it: http://activeden.net/item/dynamic-external-text-scroll-with-easing/2612

      It is composed of several movieclips which link to the an external text file. The external file starts off with this
      mytext= <font color="#000000" size="7">BACKGROUND</font>

      This file determines the size and color of the font but does not define the actual font itself, it also contains the content. There is a movieclip within the flash file where you can denote a device font or embed a font from the properties panel.

      Starting off I simply picked my font from the properties panel and used "anti-alias for animation". This seemed to work fine on the Flash preview and also once published online. However, once I used another computer to view my site the font changed and reverted to a default. This leads me to believe the font is linked to each computers font library. I am wondering if there is a way to override this and to link the font to a place on my server?

      I also tried to embed my font via the properties panel but it looks warped and unrecognizable, so thats out. Unless there is another way to embed fonts that stays true to the font?

      To add more fuel to the fire, the font I have to use is not html safe .. "Gotham" to be exact.

      You can see the issue here on the 'about' and 'links' page

      Help meeeeee!
      - Nicole