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    Errors on Epub

    Judy WGP

      When I create an Epub, I get Error_E_Pkg_Encryption_XML_No_Resource and "The document appears to have minor errors that might cause it to be displayed incorrectly"


      What am I doing wrong?


      Also, I'd like to put a cover picture on the epub. Can this be done using InDesign?





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          Peter Truskier Level 3

          Does this happen with any document, or just some? Can you export a ePub of a super simple document - e.g., just one page with a single text frame? What version of InDesign are you using, and under what OS?

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            Judy WGP Level 1

            I'm creating an ebook from a larger book. I've separated it into chapters. The "Error E Pkg Encryption XML No Resource" appears on the chapters when exported separately. However, the other documents don't seem to have it.


            The other error is more variable and occurs after I try to edit the file. I've been using PDFXML Inspector, and I think my HTML is correct. Is there any way to locate where the problem is that's causing this error?


            I'm on Mac OS 10.6.1, InDesign CS4 6.0.4

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              Gabriel Powell

              Judy, I'm more than happy to help you with creating your EPUB files. If you compress your EPUB file as a ZIP file and attach it to this post, I can take a closer look to let you know what is going wrong. As for the encryption error, that is most likely do to the fact that you are embedding the fonts when you export the EPUB file from InDesign. If you don't embed the fonts, you won't get an encryption error.

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                Gabriel Powell Level 2

                For in-depth information on creating EPUB files with InDesign, see this Instant InDesign Video Podcast:


                I also recently wrote a two part guide to creating and editing EPUB files.

                Check it out in the October/November 2009 issue of InDesign Magazine.

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                  Judy WGP Level 1

                  Thank you! I watched your video. It would be nice if the ePub directions would let us know that the nested styles don't carry over.

                  Your last answer solved my error message.


                  I think I've got it. If I have additional problems, I'll zip you the files. 


                  Thanks so much.