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    Erratic Stratus Behavior


      I have a scenario for multi-user communication within stratus, I have added voice chat to Metaplace.com using RTMFP. Unfortunately it is erratic with some users.  Stratus documentation is sparse and I am hoping somone else on this forum has heard of what I am about to describe and could possibly offer some insight into a solution.


      For simplicities sake lets use 3 people in our example:


      person A, person B, and person C.


      All three are connected to one another for voice communication.  When each user gets connected it creates a single send channel with a unique id, and connects all of its peers to that send channel. 


      So A will make a send channel called MySendChannel1234 then tell B and C to connect to A and play MySendChannel1234.  B and C will do the same to establish a ring of connections.  This method works perfectly for 90% of the connected users.  Thus far I have successfully had rings of up to 6 people voice talking at once with no problems.


      Occasionally I will get a scenario like this:


      A, B, and C connect together.


      A can talk to and hear C, C can talk to and hear B, but B cannot communicate with A at all.



      a picture:                <---A<------>C<----->B--->


      You can see A cannot talk to B.


      Lets pretend I am A, I have made a successful connection to B and everything looks like its working fine, but after roughly 30 seconds I get a NetStream.Connect.Closed from B.  I have no idea why!?  I don't get any reconnections to B either, and subsequent attempts to reconnect do not work.  I would blame B's network configuration, but the real kicker is that C is still talking to B no problem!  Wierd?  I think so!  Any ideas?


      Thank you all in advance!


      -Benjamin Taller