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    Looking for the right container

      I hope I can describe this accurately. I am looking for a container similar to a panel, but with its right border transparent. The appearance I hope to achieve is something like a sidebar which will slide from the side of the parent control panel on creationComplete.

      Any ideas of a possible container would be appreciated.
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          EDendramis Level 1
          Whenever the default containers don't do it for me, I just go straight for a canvas and customize it for myself.

          However, in your case, you might want to open up the AeonGraphical.fla file and edit the Panel component to change the right border. Of course you need Flash to do this...
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            Or if you like it quick and dirty you could mess up a Panel by adding a mask to it; something like this:

            <mx:Canvas id="mySliderThingy" left="50" top="20">
            <mx:Panel height="120" title="Something panel-ish" mask="{themask}">
            <mx:Label text="Perhaps not the best idea of all times, but still..." />
            <mx:Canvas id="themask" left="10" height="100%" width="100%" backgroundColor="#123456" />

            Probably not a very GOOD idea, but it is an idea... ;-)

            hth / Culme
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              spacehog Level 1
              Thanks for the ideas. I was able to modify a panel to look like you mask Culme, except I can't get rid of the top bar. Setting borderThickness to 1 for both the right and bottom sides gets rid of them, but I can't get rid of the top border.

              It's too bad I can't rotate a panel 90 degrees CCW. Then I could reduce the left, right, and bottom borders and leave the top alone (which would now be on the left side.
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                *gsb* Level 1
                I would try a custom "programmable" border class using AS3 to extend, say, 'RectangularBorder' for example