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    Premiere Pro Performance woes; Ducks in a row, no quacking.

    Planetarium Guy Level 1

      First off, a big thank you to all of you who answer our questions here on this forum - you are a beacon of light in an otherwise dark and confusing world.


      Here's the situation:  I have CS4 and I think a pretty fast computer.  I was having a lot of problems working with HD files.  To be exact, I was importing Image Sequences (1920x1080) and audio to make a very short 1 minute clip.  I was never able to get the clip to play through with audio.  It would hang up and drop the audio after about 5 seconds and the video would then only jerk along.  This made it very difficult to ever synch the two.


      I asked here about possible solutions and was steered toward dedicated drive space.  So yesterday I loaded in two more drives, dedicated one to my media and one to cache.  Problem is that I still have the same problem when working with HD.


      Here's my system:


      Intel Core 2 quad CPU Q6700 @2.66

      3.25 GB RAM


      (1) SEAGATE 3250 (250GB) - C-drive

      (2) WD BLUE (500GB)


      I turned off indexing on all drives

      My pagefile is set at 3327 on the (C-Drive)

      I am connected to our work network, but none of my files are kept there.


      The programs are all on my C-drive and I made one of the new disks cache (+audio) and the other media (+audio)


      Is there something I am missing here?  Some box I am not checking?  Do I need to reinstall CS4 with my new set up?  Is RAM my bottle neck or have I just missed a very simple setting in CS4 that will allow it to fully unleash it's awesome power?


      Most people have told me that RAM is not the problem, but dedicated drive space.  Thoughts on how can get this system to sing?  I am willing to try anything, and will not take offense to even the simplest suggestion.


      Thanks in advance,


      Planetarium Guy