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    Error choosing compressor for rendering my composition


      Hi all,

        In my bid to choose a H.264 compressor for rendering my composition to create a quicktime video, I got the error as shown in my attached file which reads as:


      "After Effects: For reliable output with H.264 compression, please choose it directly from the output Module Format menu instead
      of via QuickTime"


      I wonder how if someone can help me resolve this problem.





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          Adolfo Rozenfeld Adobe Employee

          Ugo: That's not an error message. It's just a warning - if you insist, it will let you do it anyway. But it's not a good idea. Here's why:

          H264 video can exist in a variety of container formats. The standard is the MPEG-4 (MP4) format, but it can also live in Quicktime (MOV) and now Flash (F4V) formats. The image quality is exactly the same, and both MP4 and MOV are perfect as far as Quicktime is concerned. It just happens that AE is better prepared to do it in the standards-based, MPEG-4 format. So, what this warning is suggesing is, pick the H264/MPEG-4 format instead of the Quicktime format. The end result will be better, not because it's better per se (they are the same thing, almost)  but because AE handles the former better than the latter. It's still completely compatible with the Quicktime plug-in and the Quicktime player application. In fact, a MOV-wrapped H264 will only work in Quicktime. A MP4 H264 player will work just as well in Quicktime, Flash and a growing range of software and hardware media players.