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    How to Rotating the Bulge effect....   Stumped

    Cris is Bliss Level 1

      I was looking at a tutorial


      on using the displacement effect.  I started experimenting on my own using the Bulge effect to animate the layer that is to be used as the displacement source.  If you want to follow exactly what I was working with, it was number 4, the Expand Output composition.


      I applied the bulge effecty to the Test Layer with the setting of Horizontal Radius 33; Vertical Radius 167, and a Bulge Height of 4.  I animated the effect by setting keyframes for the Bulge Center.  Then I duplicated the effect and changed the Horizontal Radius to 33 and the Vertical Radius to 167.  What I ended up with was a  + (Plus sign) looking shape that animated over the layer, which is what I wanted.  I precomposed the layer and used it as the displacement map layer.


      But then I wanted the rotate the Plus sign so that it would be like and "X" instead. but there is no way to adjust for that in the Bulge controlls.  So I applied the Transform effect to the Test Layer to rotate it but I rotates the whole layer including the word Test, I got the X shape that I was looking for but I did not want to put the Test on a 45 degree slant.


      Any suggestions on how to rotate the Bulge effect.  I thought that it may have something to do with the Pin All Edges, I didnt see anything change with it on or off.