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    3 Simple questions involving elementary effects.


      I'm using CS3 Pro on Windows 7.


      1)  Is there a way to apply an audio transistion to make something fade out?  I only see 'constant gain' and not 'constant loss' or whatever.  I'm not sure how to make it lose volume with time.


      2)  I wanted to make a bunch of clips black and white at the same time, so I highlighted all the clips I wanted to have that effect on and dragged the black and white effect from the menu onto the clips, but it did nothing!  I tried this many times, even tried it the other way around, dragging the clips to the effect, but nothing.  I eventually had to click on each clip seperately and apply the effect, very tedious.  Is there a way to apply it to many at once?


      3)  I can change the volume of a single audio file by click the middle yellow bar on the clip from the time line and dragging up (or down if I want it silenced) but I cant figure out how to do this to multiple clips at the same time.  For example, if I want 5 clips to be increased by 4.5 dB without clicking each clip individually.  Thanks a lot for your help guys.