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    Please Help


      Describe Adobe Presenter to me. jonriber. Thanks.

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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Presenter will be installed as a plugin for Powerpoint, and its first function is to convert the PPT presentation into a SWF-file. But is is much more than that:

          • you can insert video, flash files, Captivate generated SWF's, audio
          • you can add a quiz, there are quite a lot of question types available
          • it has some fine added features: Table of Contents, with a Search function, Notes...
          • it works perfectly together with Connect Pro; if you ever had a meeting/seminar in Connect Pro, you'll almost certainly have seen a Presenter presentation
          • you can publish to PDF

          Personally I'm using Presenter as a sort of wrapper, based on a presentation but with Captivate or Flash generated SWF's (interactivity is preserved).


          This is only my personal idea about Presenter.