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    Porting Air Development from Flash to Flash Builder for better compile times


      I've been working on an Air project for just over a year now, but the compile times are getting too long using Flash (2-3 minutes) and I'm currently exploring a port over to Flash Builder.


      All the code is in AS3 packages external to the .FLA file. the .FLA really just contains a library of graphical elements that are summoned via actionscript.


      If one moves to Flash Builder for Air development is there a way to use your existing FLA/SWF as a library, and then simply import elements using their existing 'export for actionscript' names?


      Ideally I'ld like to just use all my existing as3 packages without too much alteration, keep it as a flash project in Flash builder, but avoid the disabling compile times of flash for Air development.


      Please let me know if you have any tips for this problem.