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    64-bit Standalone?


      I have been testing various installations on my MacBook Pro Snow Leopard machine using a CFC with over 20,000 lines of code in it to see which one performs the best.  So far the 64-bit Galileo (Eclipse 3.5) version of Eclipse Java EE IDE for Web Developers with CFBuilder Beta 2 plugin is winning by a long shot.


      Will there be a 64-bit version for ColdFusion Builder standalone?  I assume no as there is not a 64-bit version of Eclipse 3.4 for OS X, right?  I see 64-bit for Linux and Windows but not Mac.  Will the final release version of ColdFusion Builder be Eclipse 3.4 or 3.5?

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          Yeah, looking at how many platforms Eclipse is available on, it would be nice if we had a little more options considering CF Builder is built on multi-platform system. For instance, with a little manual labor you could make it work on Ubuntu 64 bit for instance so why have to download the Windows version, extract files, etc, etc to get it running. I think that instead of doing stand alone installers and stuff they should've concentrated on making a more flexible plugin that would be much easier to install on any system (Eclipse also has a really nice software update system - why not make it as simple as adding adobe's repository and install - on first launch you can ask for serial numbers and such when released to activate the product).

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            hemant_k Employee Moderator

            The plan is to move CF Builder to eclipse 3.5




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              Intaxity Level 1

              Actually I got it running with Eclipse 3.5.1 under Ubuntu 9.04 (64 bit) and so far so good - only weirdness is in the ColdFusion -> Editors -> Colors the columns (where you pick editor colors, font-styles, etc) are a little too narrow so half of the items get cut off but everything is still working - I haven't had it crash on me yet either.


              I got it working with the instructions from here: http://www.compoundtheory.com/?action=displayPost&ID=432. It would be nice if Adobe did a very little testing, very little polishing and release a Linux installer (as a plugin only, no need for standalone).

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                matthew.zimmer Level 1

                I just wanted to update this post and say that as of CFBuilder Beta 3, Eclipse 3.5.1 is now supported in the standalone.  :-)  Awesome job, guys!  I could not be any happier with the hard work put in to this product.  Kudos to all involved!

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                  matthew.zimmer Level 1

                  Is there a plan to ship a 64-bit version of CFBuilder Standalone?

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                    Intaxity Level 1

                    I wouldn't count on it considering there are no x64 beta builds available and also the official Eclipse release for Windows is 32 bit only and CFBuilder is primarily for Windows and Mac. I think for this release they're trying to push as many features and fix as many bugs as they can rather than make, test and support a native x64 build. That doesn't mean CF Builder doesn't work on 64 bit systems though. It runs on 64 bit Windows and even 64 bit Linux (even though not officially supported).


                    I'm personally happier that they decided to do things like upgrade to the latest version of Eclipse as the base in their standalone installer and introduce SQL syntax highlighting even though at one point that was going to be post 1.0 feature due to time limitations.

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                      matthew.zimmer Level 1

                      Indeed I, too, welcome the features over supported 64-bit standalone.  As you mention, I still have a way to run CFBuilder as a plugin on 64-bit Win, Mac, and Linux so I am not complaining.  Also, as I pointed out in my opening post (I think...I'll have to re-read it once I send this) there wasn't a 64-bit version of Eclipse 3.4 for Mac so Adobe's shift to officially support 3.5.1 is HUGE for me and others who also have a similar environment as I do.

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                        It really sickens me that people think that their is no 64Bit Eclipse version for Windows, Eclipse has always had a 64bit version.




                        All you need to do is figure out which package you want?

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                          ascott67 Level 1

                          I think Adobe has no interest in supporting 64bit software, flash is not even

                          64bit and that is the one thing that is stopping a lot of people using a 64bit borwser.


                          Adobe need to get their act together, and begin supporting 64bit software.


                          The longer they continue to ditch us, the better the competition starts looking.