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    Getting wrong code when submitting the forms


      Hi there,


      I have a perculiar problem with Livecycle Designer ES version 8.2.


      I've created a Form e.g to capture the Gender type i.e. Male (M) or Female (F).


      Once the form is created, the user need to select from the drop down menu if Male or Female.

      The form will show what is selected, let's say Male. When the user submits the form to update to the database, the code will be updated to the table i.e. M.


      However at times (very rare) I had users submitting the form with Male, but when Submit the form, instead of updating the table as code M, it updates as code Q. The valid codes are only M and F which is controlled by the form itself.


      For information, this E-Form is created using the Livecycle Designer version 8.2 and users need to open the form with Internet Explorer and when click to Submit the forsm, they need to enter their username and password to update the forms to the database. There are no scripts in the e-form.


      Did any one of you hit this kind of problem?