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    how to make a border around a pic-in-pic?

    wim smeets

      I use adobe premiere pro cs3. What is tehe best (and hopefully an easy way) to create a border around a pic-in-pic movie. Is it correct that I can't find an option for that? I make this kind of things now by placing the second clip in track video-2 en then changing the size. But there is no option then in wich i can specify the thickness and the color of a border.

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Use a color matte on track 2 and your PIP on track 3. Size both to your liking, for instance track 2 sized to 50% and track 3 to 45%. The difference in size determines the border width, the color of the matte is your border color. Start with the color matte using motion/scale/position, then copy and paste attributes to track 3 and scale this further down to create the desired border width.