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    Multiple find and replace missing.


      I have had a search on the forums and can't find a similar thread so forgive me if this is already here or is a blindingly obvious fix.

      I have recently installed RH8 and am in the process of upgrading our current 20 or so other authors to RH8 from RH5. However I have been unable to find the multi-file find and replace tool. I have opened the toolbox pod and there exists there a list of tools none of which are the multi file find and replace.

      I know there are other find and replace tools/software out there but our authoring platform is air gapped and it is a real pain getting software uploaded.


      So my question is should there be the old multi-file find and replace in the toolbox pod and if it should be there how do I get it?


      I have re-installed RH8 etc to see if that was an issue but it made no difference.