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    LocalConn and validation>_<

    Semaj Snitram

      Good morning all,


      i did an .exe loader(published flash files) with director. Now i want to autenticate it on flash. Any idea how to do this?

      Any help is welcome, i'm relatively a newbie on this, i started working a week ago and i have a lot of work to do. >___<

      I tried following the:




      it's, without any doubt a good source of help but not that useful in my case. I just need the mechanism of local connection to connect both programs and put a password "pop up" to autenticate .exe.


      Thank you in advance,















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          Semaj Snitram Level 1

          Relatively to the password i'll use buddyAPI function logIn. There's anything better or this one do the job without problems? If this one works fine i'll just need help on the mechanics of local connection. Once again if someone feels that can give me an hint, please do so.


          Thank you in advance

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            Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

            Hi James,


            It's not completely clear what you are trying to do, but you have already found the devnet article on LocalConnections - that should help you get your Director and Flash projectors talking to each other (though I'm not sure why you don't just use Director as a shell for your Flash content and dispense with the Flash projector).


            If you need a quick and simple login dialog then Buddy API's baLogin or baPrompt should suffice.

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              Semaj Snitram Level 1

              Hi Sean and thank you for your time.


              I don't use director as a shell because it's only a loader with an autenthication method for flash exe files.

              He checks the file size and date (baFunctions) and if the file has that parameters right, he loads the flash.exe, if not he quits.

              My doubt is on creating the connection between both plataforms. Even by looking at the "Local Connection" program that many people on this forum uses, i really think that there's a lot of things that i don't need there. >__< My greatest problem is: I'm a junior programmer and i have about 5 programs to do. this is the easiest one, all the others are much more complex when comes to code. The previoius programmers were all senior so i have a lot of responsability.