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    How do I acquire LiveCycle Reader Extensions ES

    Lars S

      To be able to extend features for Acrobat Reader when creating forms in LiveCycle Designer I gather I require LiveCycle Reader Extensions ES (atleast this is the answer in several posts). As an alternative, I could do this in Adobe Acrobat, but there seems to be a license issue with that product. If I decide to purchase LiveCycle Reader Extensions ES, how do I do that? Is it sold separately or does it come bundled with other SW? Grateful for any information on this, as I am unable to find any in all the product pages,




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          pguerett Level 6

          LiveCycle Reader Extensions server is a server based product and is sold through Adobe sales people and partners. I woudl contact your local adobe office and ask to speak to a sales rep. Note that it is a server based product and is priced like one. Depending on what you want to do and how many people will be using your form you may want to look at buying Acrobat for each user (then there is no need for RE) or one copy of Acrobat if it has the correct rights for you to accomplish what you want. Note that the License agreement for Acrobat allows you to distribute a RE form (that was extended with Acrobat) to a max of 500 users. The server product does not have that limitation. The sales representative shoudl be able to help youmake the right decision.


          Hope that helps


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            Lars S Level 1



            This helps me and thanks for your rapid reply to my enquiry. I think I'll look more closely at the license agreement because our organisation is small (less than 500 people) so hopefully we'll make do with Acrobat Pro to extend the rights on our forms. Thanks again.