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    offline rendering

    Gabor Faludi



        most probably this is not the first time somebody ask this question, I just couldn't find such a post:

      Is this possible to render a flash movie into an image on a server?


      The complete scenario: there is a multi-channel notification system where the recipients should receive rich content in notifications. One channel is a web based inbox, where certain content should be rendered as Flash content. With email channel, I would like to render the very same Flash content into a still image, and send it in the mail (I'm not quite sure about the details, as obviously a Flash movie is dynamic by nature in comparion to a static image, let's say I would like to "capture the 42nd frame of a Flash movie").

      the whole thing should preferebly be doable within a Java based environment (more specifically a Java based Application Server).


      Thank you for any (meaningful ) responses!