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    Motion Tween Movie: 2nd Request


      I'm stymied in a project until this question gets answered, and I've been trying to get an answer for a week now. I hope someone can help this newbie with a rather simple question.    


      I have a motion tween that goes from object A to object B, then C, D and finally E. How do I make the whole shooting match one big (small) movie? I've tried highlighting all the frames then pressing F8 but that doesn't seem to work (just makes the first frame a movie). Please advise.


      brooksrv wrote:
          Create the new mc.
          Highlight the frames you want from the main timeline.
          Right click over that highlighted section and select "Copy Fames".
          Open the new mc.
          Right click over the timeline in the new mc and select "Paste Frames"


      I responded: Forgive my ignorance as I'm (perhaps obviously) new to Flash. Are you telling me to create a new mc in a new layer that has nothing? Pressing F8 does nothing in this case. Please advise.


      Please help.

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          Create a rectangle then size it to the size of your entire clip you want put inside it , hit F8 to convert to mc , name it accordingly

          double click to go inside of the movie clip , delete the rectangle u just made , now u have a blank movie clip the size of the stage u need , from there just copy /paste all the frames u need inside


          now you have an embedded movie clip