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    Acrobat Form Discount


      Hey ladies and germs.

      I need help.  I created a purchase form for magazine advertising. It shows rates based on montly group purchases.


      Size1 m
      full page10095857565total1
      1/2 page9080706050total2
      1/4 page8070605040total3


      I put a check box in front of each price. If you clicked that particular box it would autofill the total.  so if you click the 9 it would give the total as 675. (9x75) in the Total1 area.     Then at the bottom of the form it has an Ad Total, if someone were to purchase different size ads and placements.  The ad total, was or is the the sum of total1 thru total3 or how ever many I have. I think I have something like 12.


      Now I would like to put in a check box that if clicked will give a 20% discount to the Ad total box and show the new price..  If it isnt clicked than it is standard pricing. A little hook for first time buyers and all.  I am sure you catch my drift.


      I am a complete noob when it comes to using custom calculation script.  I am using CS4 on an Imac. If that helps any.

      Can someone please guide me through what the script needs to look like and any other changes I may need.


      btw, it woud be idea to have the new discounted total to appear in my Ad Total box.

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          gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Have you been able to create an Acrobat form with named fields?


          Since you will be using AcroForms, your check box will either have the 'export value' or 'Off' as a value. but if you have a field for the discount rate and use the calculation option of 'Value is the _____ of the following fields:' and the decimal value for the discount, the field will show 0 or the discount rate, if you set the format to 'percentage' then the percentage rate will be displayed. And can then use the same calculation option to compute the total when you select the appropriate fields.

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            joem32380 Level 1

            Yes I have the form completed with named fields.

            I was trying to keep it so I didnt need another a seperate field to display the new price total when the box is checked.


            I attached the form.

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              gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              You can use hidden fields, or you will need to write a custom JavaScript calculation.

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                joem32380 Level 1

                I kinda figured that I needed to write a custom Java script calculation.  I was trying to get help with exactly that.



                Total1+total2+total3+total4+total5+total6+total7+total8+total9= Ad total.....if  20%  (clicked check box) off then Ad total=?


                Just not sure how to write that.