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    Saving Pdfs smaller




      I have a large pdf, 2mb and I would like to be able to send this through email easily so I was hoping to be able to size it smaller. I was told that I could use "save as" and it would convert smaller but that application in Adobe Reader was "save as text" so that didn't help me. I would love to hear back if anyone has any ideas/tricks for this problem.


      Thank you!

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          ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          For starters, it can't be done in Reader. It would require Adobe Acrobat (you could download the 30 day trial if you only need to do this once).


          In the meantime some options. You could Zip (compress) the file which may make it smaller. The best option would be to post it to a file hosting site or somewhere on your web site if you have one and email the link.