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    ACR settings not applied to jpegs in Explorer?


      I use Camera Raw in Bridge to batch edit photos which are jpegs. At the moment, when I make changes and click "done", the changes are applied to the photos in Bridge, but when I view them in Explorer, they are still in the original state.

      Before I installed Windows 7, the above procedure would change the photos in Explorer as well as Bridge, is there any way to resolve my problem?

      I have xml files disabled and are having changes saved in the ACR database, if that information helps.

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          rasworth Level 1

          The ACR edits are recorded in a text section within the jpeg, do not actually change the image pixels.  Therefore, when  viewed outside of ACR/Bridge/PS they appear as before the edits, since no other apps use the exif data.


          To make this work, you need to "Save" out of ACR, creating new jpegs, which then incorprates the edits into the image pixels.


          Richard Southworth