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    Unable to Merge Projects

    specter09 Level 1

      I have about 8 different projects each of which I use to generate a .chm and .pdf file. I'd like to merge all of these projects into a single project and then generate a pdf file.


      I've created a new project and added an entry for each of my child projects by clicking "New Merged Project." I think select the .xpj file for each project and the projects appear in the TOC. I then try to build a chm or pdf file. The chm build fails. The pdf shows "no topics."

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          RoboColum(n) Level 5

          Two things here:


          1. When you merge projects and want to output to a CHM, you select the individual CHM files to add to your TOC. If you have selected the XPJ files it sounds like you are outputting WebHelp output.
          2. The merge project functionality will not merge PDFs. You will have to generate Word documents from each project, manually cut and paste the content into a single word file and then generate the PDF.


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