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    Please Fix Placing DCS 2.0

    LMCarter Level 1

      I've been more than patient waiting for a fix, Mac AL CS4.

      AL CS4 cannot render PS DCS 2.0 files with a colored background using INKs with specified INK opacities it renders with a background color and black only without rendering the other ink colors.  Using multi channel mode PS files for color separations of spot colors in silk screen printing on different tee colors.  At the moment I have to do all work my with DCS 2.0 placements on  windows with AL CS3.   Getting upset that Adobe has not fixed this very simple problem.


      Thank you and looking forward to the fix and hopefully not having to buy CS5 ( that would piss me off since I've been without this function, and  I have reported this problem before on this forum since last year+ ).