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    premiere pro cs3 ftp link

    dmhuffman Level 1

      We purchased Premiere Pro CS3 couple years ago.  Had to reformat computer, can't reinstall because downloaded first time with trial and the 30 days is up.  Adobe keeps telling me they will make the Premiere Pro CS3 link to install the program and email the link to me.  This has been going on since the beginning of 2009.  Still no link.  upgraded to CS4 like Adobe suggested, having all kinds of problems.  Is it possible to use someone else's installation discs for CS3 but use my serial number to register it?

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          I'd fix the CS4 problems.  It really is worlds better.

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            dradeke Adobe Employee

            Can you tell me what your problem is?  If you have CS4 and all kinds of problems, can you give some detail on what those problems are?  That way someone can give you a hand.



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              dmhuffman Level 1

              I have Premiere Pro CS4 installed on my desktop and my laptop. My projects are generally short in length (30 seconds to 30 minutes; some larger but the project size doesn't seem to make any difference) and I am still in SD, not HD.  Although a little slow because I'm running 32 bits, initially it worked fine on both, until . . . .


              Desktop - all of a sudden I'm getting an error message "Licensing for this product has stopped working", followed by a couple similar error messages.  It will only stay open for 5 minutes tops before this message appears.  I've tried the solutions posted by Adobe and the Forums but nothing has worked.  I can't think of anything that changed on my computer that made this start happening.


              Laptop - Same error message as above. It never did import to Media Composer. Then I had issues with the Dell XPS laptop so our IT dept worked on it and fixed those issues by replacing motherboard, memory and video card (old video card was a NVIDIA Geo Force 8800 GTX, new card is a ATI Mobility Radeon X1800, any thoughts as to whether this replacement was a step up or down from the NVIDIA are welcome). They reinstalled the programs and now Premiere works okay but it still won't import to Media Composer.  Media Composer opens but the project never gets there and I get the red X or the caution triangle.


              Desktop - Premiere doesn't work but it does talk to Media Composer.  If I can get it to stay up long enough I can take the video I create from the laptop, open it on my desktop and then Import to Media Composer.


              The desktop is a Dell XPS 720; Windows XP Professional Version 2002 w/Service Pack 3; 32 bit; Intel Core 2 Quad; Q6600 @ 2.40GHz; 2.40 GHz; 2.75 GB of RAM.


              The laptop is a Dell XPS 720; Windows XP Professional Version 2002; 32 bit; Intel Core 2 CPU; T7200 @ 2.00GHz; 1.99 GHz; 3.25 GB of RAM.


              This is extremely frustrating.  Especially when I didn't have any problems with CS3.  Thanks for any help you can provide



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                dmhuffman Level 1

                Thanks Jim, I needed to hear that.  Any and all advice is greatly appreciated.

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                  dmhuffman Level 1

                  I was able to get Premiere Pro CS4 to work with Media Encoder CS4.  I uninstalled everything Abode (even Reader), used the wincs3clean tool, and reinstalled the programs.  It worked the first time on my desktop but I had to do it twice on my laptop. 





                  Thanks for your help.