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    How to create new components (grids, tables) in FLEX


      I am researching on how to create grids adn tables in FLEX. The list of Flex components is very limited.

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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6
          There is the DataGrid and AdvancedDataGrid controls, and the Grid layout container. You can extend or reskin Flex components as well. In what ways do these controls not meet your requirements?
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            trin15 Level 1
            Hi Greg,

            Thank you very much for your reply and link. This is my first time using Flex and i have very little 2 weeks to create the UI. Ouch...I have no idea how to start this project and the site you have sent y is great help. Do y mind if I send you a .jpg of what I am trying to accomplish. For some reason, they don't allow Forum users to post images.

            I will try to summarize in words:
            This is a collaboration tool so there are 3 modules to it:
            1) Project Dashboard - the grid will have project name, status, due date, analytic lead and update link (it would link to a issue list

            2) Documents Updated
            This list will provide Projects. Each project has a accordeon component with a tree structure with the list of documents uploaded by data modified. Each project can be expanded or collapsed. Example: Microsoft Outlook- Inbox Sorting
            The "Document Name" will be a link. Clicking on the link will bring the user to the document.

            3) Calendar
            The calendar follows the same design as "Documents Updates" Module and it displays a list of meetings by days of the week
            The Days of the week Title bar contains the number of events that specific day of the week contains.
            There is a link "Launch Calendar" at the top of the calendar. This link launches Outlook.
            Enhancement: The event will be saved into the Outlook Calendar.

            Thank you very much,
            Claudia Penido
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              ntsiii Level 3
              A Flex beginner, with those requirements in two weeks? The UI side would not be difficult if you had a few months experience, but for a newbie?

              I think it is time to manage expectations.

              We will help all we can, but we won't write your app for you. Unless you have a consulting budget...